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«Dying for the Summit» Original Motion Picture SounTrack (Free Download)

I have the pleasure to open this blog section in EnriqueGarciaMusic.com with great news: The FREE download of the complete soundtrack of the movie «Dying for the summit» (Cervino Producciones 2016). Thirteen songs present in the film with three more as Bonus Tracks belonging to «Cicling against adversity» (Cervino Producciones 2014).

The Premiere

There was a successful Sold Out premiere in June 2016 at the «Adolfo Marsillach Theater» in San Sebastian de los Reyes (Madrid – Spain).

Since then it has been projected during 2017 in different cinemas and specialized international festivals, always with a surprising reception. Nowadays it’s still in theaters in some places in Spain.

Till now «Dying for the summit» has won 14 international awards.

A true musical challenge

Till now, I have faced different challenges as a composer, each one more complex and rewarding. But «Dying for the summit» even was a greater challenge for me: My first «over an hour» movie.

It was a very hard work, especially because the composition of the music began just at the moment of the beginning of the filming.

From the beginning there were several scenes in which I only had the script with the stipulated time, and small video fragments previously recorded by the protagonist (Carlos Suarez). With that material I had to start from scratch.

Composing through WhatsApp

Each song or musical fragment in the film has its own story, from incredible inspirations to curious moments like the one I would like to share with you.

Pablo Martín, director of Cervino Producciones (scriptwriter, cameraman, editor and director of this film), likes to assemble the images with the VideoClips assembly technique, consisting of synchronizing the images with the hits or changes of the musical track. Okay, simple … well, no, because we didn’t have the music in the moment of the edition.

So what? Well, we simply had to look for the tricks.

There were certain moments in the process of creating the film in which music and editing occurred at the same time. I had the fragment in half-editing video, and I composed above that fragment trying to adjust as best as possible without distorting the music too much.Once he had a complete part half-fitted, he sent it to Pablo by email, which he mounted in his video editing program, fitting the images as accurately as possible, then he recorded with his mobile what he saw on his screen, sending it by WhatsApp in real time.

And so, between emails and WhatsApp messages, the video fragment was completed step by step, adding the appropriate effects and fitting each part perfectly. Fragments of the film, such as the Teaser or the Trailer, were mounted like this, among others.

One minute of music = two weeks of work

This detail seems to surprise people when I tell them. This isn’t always like this, there are many elements that influence the «game of art creation», I will try to give you an example.

Well, then suppose we start from scratch, we have to consider the creative process and therefore the time it takes to find the «musical idea» that fits into each part, character or scene. When you are sure that this musical idea works, you have to explain that concept to the director of the film in the form of a sketch.

The sketch, as expected, is not exactly what should be the final result, here plays an important work the musical imagination of the director, of course, in this process, changes, new ideas and details appear, which modify the sketch.

When all the changes are made, it is time for the instrumentation, in the case of «Dying for the summit» I considered mixing synthetic sounds with orchestral instruments in most of the parts, this happened from decomposing the piano and building a complete harmonization with each of the instruments of an orchestra, which are strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion … where each of these parts or sections are themselves composed of a multitude of different instruments. Also the final result has to overcome the mixing process, so that everything sounds homogeneous and nothing gets out of the mix, and then the mastering, which is done so that it takes that «punch» or that final touch that makes the mix work in all places.

All this takes about two weeks to make a full minute of music from scratch … It’s crazy, but it’s also super fun!

So now what?

Now to work on the next project! that we are sure that it will surprise you, because we will try to improve ourselves, and that always has a happy ending.

But meanwhile here you have a set of songs, 13 songs of «Dying for the summit» plus 3 more of «Cycling against destiny» in the form of Bonus Track, which can be heard as a whole and with which you can get carried away with the music.I hope you like listening to the soundtrack of «Dying for the summit» as much as I liked doing it.  Hugs!

Enrique G. Requena

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