Spanish composer, born in Madrid in 1977, specialized in music compositions and sound effects for films and TV.

Composer with more than 20 years of musical studies, done in the modern and jazz music school Escuela de Música Creativa de Madrid, including solfa, harmony, composition of orchestral arrangements and electronic music. He studied modern jazz piano with the prestigious pianist Tony Heimer for over 5 years. In addition he is the drummer of Spanish metal band Cripta, with five albums edited .

Enrique G. Requena completed his first Original Sound Track in 2010. The OST was composed of eight orchestral tracks that sounds in the film «The man who saw Frankenstein cry» , that film tells the posthumous story of the Spanish director, actor and scriptwriter Jacinto Molina (Paul Naschy). 

This OST was the start of several works, highlighting the «Cycling against adversity» (Cervino producciones, 2015), with eight international awards. This film tells the story of the extreme sports Juan Menéndez Granados (Juan sin miedo) on his challenge for being the first person who cycling to the North Pole, lonely with no help.

In 2016, after 16 months of hard work, came the culmination of a new project: «Dying for the Summit» (Cervino producciones, 2016). This film, with more than 80 minutes about  Carlos Suárez, one of the most important extreme sports in the world, tell us through his story a life filled with challenges, adventures and personal grows related with climbing and BASE Jump among other issues.